Chicken Poppers- Made by Mr Boo (with a lil help from his Mummy)

I really struggled to get Mr Boo to eat meat…the only form of meat he ate without any fuss are chicken poppers/nuggets from a local takeaway.  I know a lot of people may be shaking their heads in disgust…feeding a toddler fast food..however I don’t think there is anything wrong with the occasional treat….and judging by the number of kids and parents I have seen at these places I don’t think I am in the minority.

Anyway, Mr Boo and I successfully have created our own chicken poppers and they are amazingly simple to make!


Chicken Breast-washed and cut into small pieces or shapes

1 Egg ,   1 large plate of plain flour,  1 large plate of breadcrumbs

Step 1.  I always line up the plates for Mr Boo in the following order plain flour, beaten egg in plate, breadcrumbs, empty plate

Step 2.   Mr Boo, with his hands washed, apron on and new pizza express chefs hat on- takes the chicken pieces dips them in the plain flour, making sure the chicken is fully covered in flour, then dips them in the egg and then finally coats in breadcrumbs.

He diligently repeats the process until all the chicken pieces have been covered.

I then either shallow fry the chicken or place in the over for about 20 minutes (until the chicken is cooked)

Mr Boo and I love cooking together and the above is one of our favourite things to make.












Transition from Stay at Home Mum to Wannabe Highflying Career Woman


Yes- I am back at work now, I have plucked up the courage to put my precious baby into Nursery and work 5 days!

This wasn’t easy for me to do as lil man and I are very close, since he has been born we have been everywhere together, I have only ever worked a few hours a week and  he has only ever been left with grandparents, so this was major change!


An opportunity came up for a role that I am qualified to do for a really good company located 20 mins travel journey from home- so I pushed any doubts/guilty feelings to the back of my head and said yes!



I started writing this blog on my first day back from work however never got to finish it- I am now 5 weeks into my job and can actually say I do

enjoy working!  Little man has settled well into Nursery- we still have a few issues we need to get resolved – i.e lil man refuses to eat his lunch at Nursery..they provide him with a hot gourmet three course meal  - he prefers cheese sandwiches and fruit, only problem is that the Nursery does not allow packed lunches from home- I phoned around several nurseries and they

all have a similar policy- I find this very strange as older children at School can have packed lunches from home with no issues but at Nursery they seem to have a focus on everyone eating together from the same plates and same food ( unless have special dietary requirements obviously).

Lil man has developed sooo much since starting Nursery and I think it has actually benefited him..his language skills have developed, he is  more confident around other people and I can see he has actually matured..he is no longer my baby but turning into a boy.   Saying that I have no regrets on being a stay at home mum for about 2.5 years – I enjoyed every minute of it, however the reality is that I know I have to go back to work at some point and lil man needs to go to nursery.

I found the first few weeks as a working mum very tough – especially waking up at 6.00am and  lil man at 7.00am,  dropping him off at Nursery and then making my way into town to work- however now it has just become a routine and lil man actually looks forward to going to Nursery which makes it easier for me to go to work.

Will I be the high flying career woman I wanted to be when I graduated from University..who knows…however I do know that I am content with my job for now, I work hard  and look forward to spending every minute I have at home with my lil man!!!



Do you have an immaculate house, can cook amazing food without using every utensil, bowl and emptying out every cupboard in your kitchen, easily entertain people in your home, be it planned or with a minutes notice???

I have tried to be this visionary person- I have a regular cleaning routine, have had it for some time, however my house is never immaculate- Mr Boo see’s to that, I have learned to cook- sometimes my food is amazing other times it’s not so good!

However, I have come to the conclusion that I am not a domestic goddess, my house is never going to be immaculate and I am ok with that as I would rather spend time looking for worms and ants in the garden with my son than dusting the TV or window sills.

I prioritise what is important to me and if that means leaving a pile of dishes in the sink to wash later so that Mr Boo and I can go on random outings, be it to the park or somewhere more exciting then so be it!

Don’t get me wrong- I like a clean house and would like to create the same homily ambiance that I experienced at home when I was growing up.  A fellow mum once said to me

‘I always put the fun things first, the housework can wait – remember nobody’s going to give you a medal for having an immaculate house, but you will get lots of smiles and laughter from enjoying yourself’

What are your views, are you a real life domestic goddess, never bother with cleaning or are wealthy enough to have a cleaner/cook/gardener???  Please share your views in the comments box

Vomiting Bug!


Mr Boo has the vomiting bug, hubby and I are also not feeling too great today, I hate this virus – its sooo infectious, can take down the whole family and not to mention adds to the housework- extra bed sheets, floors and clothes to disinfect! However, I have learned how to remain calm and Continue reading →

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So What’s for Dinner???

Potato and Aubergine Curry

Last night I made Aubergine and Potato Curry also known as ‘Bengan Allo’- however being sooo excited about my new blog and making notes and taking pictures as I was going along.. I forgot to add the potatoes in!!!

The recipe is as follows:


3 Large Aubergines                         1 large onion                 Olive Oil                        1 Cup of Water

4 cloves of garlic                               2 teaspoons salt          Mixed Masala             2 tomatoes

2 medium  white potatoes (can use any type of potato- I always use white as they cook faster)

3 green chillies (can use less or more dependent on how hot you like your food)

2 1/2 heaped teaspoons of my mums magic curry powder mix (refer to mums fool proof curry powder mix recipe)


Chop the onion, garlic and chillies (ideally everything should be finely chopped)

Add the oil into a large saucepan – you should put enough oil to cover the bottom of your pan and maybe a tablespoon extra and put it on a medium heat on the cooker

Add the chopped onion, garlic and chillies into the pan, stir for a minute or two, then add the salt- now wait until the onions have softened- stirring occasionally to avoid everything sticking to the bottom of the pan (if you find everything is starting to stick to the pan add a small amount of water- a couple of teaspoons)

Once the onions have softened add the curry powder mix, stir everything together, again add in some water- about ¼ of the cup, chop up the potatoes- into small chunks and add them into the saucepan, give everything a stir and then add in some more water another ¼ of the cup, keep the sauce pan on a medium heat throughout and stir occasionally- once the potatoes have almost softened add in the chopped tomatoes and aubergine

Aubergine cooks very quickly and can turn into mush if over stirred- so keep your eye on the saucepan, once the aubergines are cooked through- i.e have changed colour and have softened, the dish is nearly ready, sprinkle a teaspoon of masala over the saucepan and give everything a final stir

That’s it Began Allo are ready to serve- I served them with Chapatti for Dinner in the evening and then I used the left overs to create  Aubergine Pizza’s the following day- to avoid having to cook again!

 I always try to make food that will last for two days especially currys so that I do not have to spend too much time cooking everyday- however have the benefit of having home cooked food available for my family everyday

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Hello World!!!

About Me:  I am a wife and a mother to a beautiful but very cheeky 2 year old boy- who I will refer to in my blog as Mr Boo

I have been married for 4 years (well 4 in Oct 2013), I was introduced to my husband through an old female relative (yes- I’m sure you all have them in your family- she is the type that knows everyone’s business, likes a good gossip and I never thought she would find me my future partner- but she did and four years on I am still very happy and eternally thankful to her)

My life before Marriage- I was a young professional, graduated from a red brick uni, have a fantastic set of A level and GSCE grades- yes I do- I was a swot at school, loved being at the top of the class and worked hard to get there!  After graduating from Uni I got a job at a top 4 professional services firm as an auditor and started training to become a Chartered Accountant- it was here that I realised that there must be more to life than working hard to have a successful career….

Present: I have just finished my part time temporary contract and am waiting for something else to come up, in the meantime I have decided to write a blog as I appear to be spending more and more time online on facebook and random other sites so I thought why not create my own blog…I have had to cope with being a new mum, career success and failures, learnt new skills and of course gained lots of parenting knowledge and am gaining more each day so I have lots to share – also there appears to be a gap – I can’t find many websites that share the experiences of new British Asian mums – i.e. how to cope with conflicting advice from your own mums up bringing in the south Asian continent and the advice given to you by your Midwife/Health visitor

So if you like what you have read so far and want to come along on my journey and share my experiences then please follow my blog